This map was created from U.S. Census data overlayed with a tsunami zone shapefile that was downloaded from the Office of Planning of the state of Hawai`i. The census data was symbolized using a Natural Breaks (Jenks) classification, with five classes, based on the 2010 population field.

The assignment for this map was simply to create a map using classified data. I chose to make a map of the tsunami zone in Hilo to commemorate Tsunami Awareness Month, and I used census data to compare the population distribution with areas that could be threatened by a tsunami. This map shows that most areas with high population density are located outside of the tsunami impact zone, but there are still populated areas within the impact zone. I included historical wave heights to emphasize the severity of potential tsunamis and the importance of managing a potential risk zone.

Original map is 24 x 36 inches. Click here for full-size pdf.